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Asthma Inhaler
Enabling clinicians to spot deterioration in asthma patients sooner


Asthma exacerbations can lead to hospital admissions. Clinitouch remote monitoring can help to reduce these admissions while assisting people with asthma to self-manage their condition.

Online Medical Consultant

See Patient's Vitals

See a patient’s peak flow trend over a period of time to aid clinical decisions. Focus on patients that need the most attention so that you can save time - reducing hospital admissions, lowering readmissions, and improving patient outcomes.

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Hospitals Benefit

For asthma patients this is a great benefit as they are supported in their recovery on the virtual ward. Plus, they can get back to a sense of normality at home whilst still being connected to their clinicians. Therefore this frees up the hospital space for more critical cases


Earlier Interventions

Clinicians can now proactively monitor for breathlessness, excessive use of reliever and more. This gives doctors the necessary information to better guide the patient toward an efficient and successful recovery.

Radiant Technologies
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Presents to you Clinitouch; A cutting edge Remote

Patient Monitoring Technology Solution 

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Asthma Virtual Ward in Leicestershire is helping to reduce the risk of asthma re-admissions.

Patients admitted to hospital due to an asthmatic episode are now safely discharged on to a virtual ward and continue their treatment and recovery at home. Find out how this virtual ward actually works and how it is making a positive impact in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICS.

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