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Safely care for people with heart failure at home, not hospital


Heart failure can often cause emergency hospital admission and affect a person's quality of life. Clinitouch can help you to look after these patients at home. Whether you need to remote monitor patients long-term or on a virtual ward post-discharge.

Doctor with Mammography

See Patient's Vitals

Build a fuller picture of patients' health by monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure. Clinitouch can help to spot early signs of deterioration whilst reducing emergency admissions and empowering patients to self-manage.

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Hospitals Benefit

Clinitouch have been implemented and supporting people with heart failure to help them live longer since 2016. Hospitals feel a sense of pride to be able to offer such an extended service to their patients and the general public. 


Earlier Interventions

All clinical teams value being able to case manage their patients by close monitoring, which should reduce the risk of them having an emergency hospital admission. Most importantly, patients will feel well supported."

Radiant Technologies
partnered with Spirit Health

Presents to you Clinitouch; A cutting edge Remote

Patient Monitoring Technology Solution 


Heart failure: Reducing face-to-face home visits

During the pandemic, community heart failure teams at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust needed new ways to care for their patients. Find out how Clinitouch helped to deliver continuity of care, maximize resources and help vulnerable patients.


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