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The Full Story

Our Partnership
with Spirit Health

Great partnerships are characterized by having similar ambitions, core values and the sheer will to turn their concepts into a functional reality. Both Spirit Health UK and Radiant Technologies share these attributes and because of this, growth, quality, and execution have become trademarks of their union. While Spirit Health stands as the proud creator of Clinitouch, we (Radiant Technologies) take the responsibility to bring Clinitouch to you, here in the Caribbean Region and in our selected countries.

Connected Golden Spheres

Radiant Technologies Story

Radiant Technologies Ltd.  was formed in 2000 to bring total communication services to both Enterprise users and Government entities. 


At its core, Radiant provides telecommunications solutions, distance learning, systems integration, and an array of advanced communications services. Our team of professionals have decades of experience working in key areas of government, military, education, and enterprise with diverse backgrounds in a variety of industries. That expertise and wealth of knowledge is skillfully harnessed to create solutions that are efficient, cost effective, and cutting edge. 

​In keeping with its philosophy, Radiant is focused on providing innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. We believe that telecommunications technology can be used to solve real-world problems and improve the delivery of health care to people everywhere.  We are therefore committed to making this vision a reality. 

Spirit Health's Story

A healthcare company first and foremost, we’re proud to be part of the Spirit Health family. Born out of a desire to make health easy for all, we’ve been developing Clinitouch since 2011. 

When medical director Dr Noel O’Kelly first travelled the world researching innovative models of care for people with COPD and heart failure, he could immediately see how remote monitoring could benefit his patients.

More than a decade later, the Clinitouch platform has grown to power 25+ remote monitoring pathways across a diverse range of health conditions, including some of the most ambitious rollouts of innovative “hospital-at-home” virtual wards in the NHS. 

Spirit Health is a close-knit team of professionals who are passionate about working closely with their partners on delivering straightforward solutions and better health outcomes for all. 

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