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Caring for frail patients at home using remote monitoring technology


People with frailty are at a higher risk of adverse outcomes, hospital admission and the need for long-term care. Clinitouch can make a difference and help you support patients at their place of residence.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

See patient's vitals

With Clinitouch, doctors say proactive through their ability to check mobility, falls, urine, bowel issues and medication usage. See trends for patients' blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation and so much more.


Earlier Interventions

Doctors can now truly expand their reach and offer more effective recovery methods by providing earlier intervention by remote monitoring frail patients. This way, you can keep frail people outside the hospital in their residential environment. 


Hospitals benefit

Clinitouch improves all health care centers by reducing their unscheduled hospital admissions by up to 67.5%. By creating virtual wards with Clinitouch, health institutions can offer more to those who need it the most. 

Partners delivering quality
healthcare to the home

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5 small steps to building a frailty virtual ward

Based on our experience of launching a frailty virtual ward in collaboration with the NHS and social care partners, we have identified 5 small, but crucial steps to take when building a successful frailty virtual ward. Find out what these steps are and how they can help you.

Step-by-step support from our expert team to help set you up for success

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