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Virtual Wards

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Creating greater capacity for all

With acute capacity at a crucial tipping point, patients should not spend unnecessary time in the hospital. Clinicians are quite aware that having patients stay longer than they need to at a health care facility can result in a negative effect on the patient. Clinitouch have a rich history in building virtual wards from the ground up. These wards are used to speed up early hospital discharge or support admission avoidance by keeping patients at their home.


Clinitouch now powers one of the most pioneering rollouts of virtual wards in the NHS covering over 16 different pathways - with a collective team of healthcare experts continuing to design and upgrade the programme to best suit your needs.  

Why Clinitouch?

It's Smart, Simple and Effective

Clinicians want a solution that is easy to learn and use with minimal inconvenience or discomfort to their patients. 

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Who can you monitor?

Solutions You Will Love


Heart failure

Clinitouch transforms the way you are able to care for and effectively monitor patients suffering with heart failure. It also gives the patient the comfort of knowing that access to their health care professional is always at their finger tips.



This makes a significant difference in the experience of a patient with Hypertension. Symptoms of Hypertension can be mild as well as severe. Giving a patient the option to fully recover in the comfort of their own home, while being properly monitored, gives a healthy boost to the healing process. 



This is revolutionary care. Patients won't need to be back and forth in public spaces and can comfortably avoid public scrutiny by using the Clinitouch app and questioner at home, to transfer useful information to their health care professional in real time.



Having Diabetic Wards significantly helps patients and reduces re-admissions at the hospital. 

Having Clinitouch safe-guards the patient from uncomfortable commutes, unscheduled visits to the medical establishment and unnecessary long stays in a waiting room.  

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