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Safely discharge COVID-19 patients sooner using technology-enabled virtual wards


With hospital admission rates hitting record highs during the pandemic - remote patient monitoring helps to shift the dial and move care from hospitals to homes.

Medical Worker

See patients vitals

Award winning platform , named ‘Best COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Solution’ Clinitouch has what you need to support patients at home. Through remote monitoring patients' vital signs such as oxygen saturation, 

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Hospital benefits

Clinitouch improves all health care centers by reducing their unscheduled hospital admissions by up to 67.5%. By creating virtual wards with Clinitouch, health institutions can offer more to those who need it the most. 


Earlier Interventions

Clinitouch has empowered doctors to be able to minimize risk, while offering adequate support to patients suffering with the Covid19 virus. By keeping patients at home, the rate of transmission reduces significantly.  

Radiant Technologies
partnered with Spirit Health

Presents to you Clinitouch; A cutting edge Remote

Patient Monitoring Technology Solution 

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COVID-19 virtual ward eases
capacity in hospitals at a crucial time

A great example is Glenfield Hospital's virtual ward in Leicester, they enabled earlier supported discharge for COVID-19 patients. Learn how the the hospital was able to save a considerable number of bed days, reduce costs and half the re-admission rate for these patients. 

Step-by-step support from our expert team to help set you up for success

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