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Supporting people with diabetes through remote monitoring


Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. Remote monitoring can aid clinicians to care for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes at home. Helping patients to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, improving their overall health and avoiding complications.

Using Glucometer at Home

See Patient's Vitals

See patient data at a glance including blood glucose readings, blood pressure and weight. Gain longitudinal data, look for any early signs of deterioration and provide appropriate care to support patients.

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Hospitals Benefit

Clinitouch improves all health care centers by reducing their unscheduled hospital admissions by up to 67.5%. By creating virtual wards with Clinitouch, health institutions can offer more to those who need it the most. 


Earlier Interventions

The Doctor can stay in control of the patient's health by allocating educational resources to patients about their specific diabetes, helping them with dietary plans, exercise and tools to self-manage their condition.

Radiant Technologies
partnered with Spirit Health

Presents to you Clinitouch; A cutting edge Remote

Patient Monitoring Technology Solution 

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Diabetes virtual ward: helps people control their blood glucose

A virtual ward helps patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes avoid or reduce their time in hospital. Providing remote support helps patients establish good glucose control at home. Find out how this live virtual ward works, who monitors the patients and more.

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