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For Doctors

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Giving doctors the tools needed to obtain greater results, offer extended services and increase the capacity of care to their patients.

Empowering today's Doctors

An immense opportunity for Doctors

We understand that the medical field is a demanding profession and having the right tools and resources can make a notable difference in your daily experience. Using Clinitouch doctors can take raw data from patients in their homes and turn it into meaningful results. By working directly with patients, this approach can allow for better analysis to ensure that patient care is not only convenient but also optimum, efficient and accurate. 

As a doctor, this in effect will obviously boost your effectiveness in monitoring, treating and responding to changes in the patient's health. Having Clinitouch will undoubtedly elevate your professional credibility, increase the scope of your profession as well as positively influence your income margins.   

We firmly believe that every doctor must be rewarded and recognized for their work and dedication to their clients. Having Clinitouch as a resource makes this possible. 

Why Clinitouch?

It's Smart, Simple and Effective

Clinicians want a solution that is easy to learn and use with minimal inconvenience or discomfort to their patients. 

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Our Pathways

Functionality You Will Love



Clinitouch transforms the way you are able to care for and effectively monitor patients suffering with Parkinson's disease. It also gives the patient the comfort of knowing that access to their health care professional is always at their finger tips.



This makes a significant difference in the experience of a patient with Pneumonia. Symptoms of Pneumonia can be mild as well as severe. Giving a patient the option to fully recover in the comfort of their own home, while being properly monitored, gives a healthy boost to the healing process. 



This is revolutionary care. Patients won't need to be back and forth in public spaces and can comfortably avoid public scrutiny by using the Clinitouch app and questioner at home, to transfer useful information to their health care professional in real time.


Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal virtual wards significantly helps post colorectal resection patients and reduces re-admissions. 

Having Clinitouch safe-guards the patient from uncomfortable commutes and unnecessary long stays in a waiting room.  

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